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Typo3 : Content Management System
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Typo3 : Content Management System

Typo3 Ameos Service

Nowadays an internet or intranet website has to be administrated by an interactive way, that is to say that it offers a back office allowing its responsibles to define new pages, new rubrics, to update and to reorganize information. But beyond the proper needs to a website, some companies identify the need to constitue and administrate a contents universal set, to respect it in the whole website and this automatically.


   Typo3 functions

  • Dynamic and powerful administration of pages and their content, even from the visual display. Image processing with automatic resizing for optimization of performances.
  • TypoScript, template engine allows to personnalize without any limit any graph charter, and to apply it according to numerous criterias...


  • All the objects and all the pages are organized in a hierarchical structure, allowing a simple organization of the information.
  • TYPO3 allows to integrate an unlimited number of independant websites in a same area, allowing to manage easily a website, intranets or extranets from a single point.
  • TYPO3 is relying on open technologies and are used by more than 8 millions of fields.


  • With Typo3, to implement a website can be realized in a couple of hours or days, thanks to the powerful concepts that he offers.
  • Typo3 suggests extensions without licence costs allowing to add numerous other functionalities.
  • Search engine up to the content of the included document.
  •  Continual Development warranty thanks to various corporate users.
  • Typo3 is under GNU/GPL licence and don't require the buying of licence unlike his sales competitors.


   What can Ameos do for you?

Ameos uses mainly the Typo3 CMS for the realization of internet or intranet websites of his customers.

We help our customers for :

  • The training,
  • The setting up of new websites,
  • The realization or integration of templates,
  • The hosting of Typo3 websites.


   More information


Iy you are willing to learn more about TYPO3, we suggest you different possibilities tu get some more information :


           To visist the website of the french community TYPO3,

 To view the huge list of Typo3 main functions.



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